Hate the most sacred emotion.

Yes i mean it, hate is the most sacred feeling in humans.if you are not agree let’s evaluate love,sympathy,friendship,and other emotions and feeling that you ever had for others .Listen be honest,was your without interest of your own body soul or heart? Or was it just to care protect or a thing that become source of happiness for other? Definitely not at all ,but to accept it you have to be honest. Friendship,had you never thought evil about your friends no I don’t mean that you ever did this but just think a while was it never happened. Yes it happened, it happened when you see him or her having a good position in class,well repute in society, even when you see him or her with an honest loyal or good looking guy.what remained sympathy, yes sympathy totally 💯 it depends on your position. You sympathies with other did you ever feel relax to think that you are in better condition,yes this is the point these some second when you think this is it sympathy.we love to see others in pain because it provides us a chance to become almighty for others.if you are disagree it is respected by me but how many time you feel original pleasure to see someone happy i am again saying be honest at least with yourself.yes i mean it , we feel happiness to see others in pain not in joys.I am not here to defend hate but really here in our world just hate that exist in its original ways in our heart.Such a dismal situation that we lost the spirit of love friendship an sympathy 💐

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