Life without Dream.💔

Millions of us are living a life without dreams,without realising the importance of an untouched goal in our life.Things that are untouched unconquered are the stimulators of our life which direct our intentions towards a specific direction.i wan ask question to all of you about that dream that didn’t come true yet but it generated slot of other dreams.How you feel when you realise that your dream maybe will remain a dream throughout your life,how you get encouraged to have another dream and from where you get the strength to work on it. I am not talking about the big dreams like become a billionaire,am talking about those little which are little minor but pinch you like a bullet in your heart.Maybe its about to have a look of your favourite person. Plz share your experiences dreams struggles and regrets with me,that will help to overcome my grief to have a dream that i ll never listen voice of my favourite person,even will not see him once in my life😞

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